Are you hosting a Special Event that needs Potable Water (Drinking Water)? Water Pros can provide bulk drinking water with our Special Events Water Epuipment and can provide Potable Water for your needs such as: Kitchen/Dish stations, Food Vendor Trucks, Restrooms, Dunk Tanks, water for blended drinks etc.

Our Race Water & Special Events Drinking Water Equipment

Quick and easy to set up, operate, and clean up! We set up and clean up so that you don't have to worry about a thing! That's what makes us the best drinking water supplier in town. Here is a list of our equipment that is available for rental. (in order of pictures, left to right, top to bottom)


  • 125 Gallon Drinking Water Barrels (Self Serving Water Station)
  • 2,300 Gallon Sustainable Drinking Water Tank (Food Vendors, Drinking Water, Kitchens)
  • 525 Gallon Delivery Tanker (Refills, Smaller Jobs, Drop Tank for Water Supply, Music Festivals)
  • 1000 Gallon Delivery Tanker (Refills, On the Go Jobs, 5K/15K/Half/Marathon, Tri-Athlon) 
  • 4,000 Gallon Non-Potable Water Truck (Barrel Weights, K-Rail Fill, Event Set Up)
  • 125 Gallon Drinking Water Barrels (Serves up to 150 cups in 5 min)
  • 325-275 Gallon Drop Tank (Any Event Needs)
  • Misting System (Cooling Station, First Aid in Summer, Camps, Sports Events)



  • Life is Beautiful

  •  Rock & Roll Marathon

  • Color Run

  • Battle Frogs Obstacle Course

  • Run Revel Mt. Charleston Marathon

  • Hot Chocolate 15K/5K

  • Pumpkinman Triathlon

  • The Bubble Run

  • I Heart Radio Festival

  • World Food Event, etc.