Water Pros has an EERA (Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement) with the United States Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management for any national disasters. Water Pros has assisted federal agencies with Wild Land Fires in multiple states. We also assisted as volunteers with hurricane relief for Katrina and as a FEMA contractor for Hurricane Rita.

Many people spend a lot of time and money preparing for power outage, but spend very little preparing for a water loss. The consequences of not being fully prepared for either could be catastrophic.
Water Pros is prepared with 24-hour emergency service, you don’t want to wait for the emergency to happen. The loss of water supply may happen for many reasons, including natural disasters such as: floods, city water main breaks, or water contamination.

Water Pros can supply water to your facility with pressure-operated pumps connected to our tankers. Once the temporary water connection is established, the storage tanker is replenished. Keeping the storage tanker on site ensures that your connection is not disrupted until the main water connection is re-established. Contact our office and ask about our emergency water plans and how this service could be beneficial for your organization.