About Nick and America's Growing Epidemic.

From an early age Nick was incredibly passionate about baseball. He worked hard and became very good at the game which led him to receive a scholarship to play college ball. Unfortunately, Nick severely injured his throwing shoulder which led to prescriptions for pain relievers such as oxycontin and other opioid-based medications.
That’s how easily drug addiction can start and how it starts for thousands of young people every day in our country. For our Nicholas, it ended with a fatal overdose. 
Today this tragic story is all-too common. Opioid abuse has reached epidemic proportions. Educating young people on the perils of heroin and pharmaceutical opioids is key to stemming the tide of avoidable tragedies happening to the young people in our communities. 

Founded by Nick's family, Nick’s House was brought to life after his family lost him to the disease of addiction.

The Nick family has dedicated their hearts and souls to do whatever they can to bring this tragic story to light in hopes of shedding light and awareness to young people and adults. They spread the message by speaking at schools and functions. Hoping that the lives of others can be impacted and forever changed by their story.
This is how Nick’s House was born. This men’s structured living experience, includes 10 beds. A home that follows a daily structure living application that, if followed, will ultimately change the lives of the men who enter. There will be mandatory meetings and a detailed daily schedule. These men will be able to learn some basic life skills, that were once out of sight for them.
They will have opportunities, such as achieving their CPR care and advancing their education while here. In the end, this will prepare them to continue on a journey to a productive, drug free life that they had only dreamed of.

Set apart from the traditional sober living models, Nick’s House focuses on the mind, body, and soul model of teaching. This starts from day one, until these men are ready to go out on their own. Using a level system, they will start from the beginning and once finished will have a future that has been clouded for many years.

Nick’s house welcomes you to the first day of the rest of your life!

Nick #3 H.A.P. Heroin Awareness & Prevention

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